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Jasper star wars

Funny thing about cancer, or any illness, or even just life:

If things are going poorly, just wait-things might get better!

If things are going good, just wait- things might get worse!

There seems to always be a lot of up and down and circumstances change so quickly when you’re in the hospital. But then other times all you can do is wait. They had pulled the chest tubes and everything seemed to be going well, then they discovered two partial pneumos, or air pockets, in his right lung so they had to put in another chest tube on his right side. The tube has been in since Tuesday and there is still an air leak somewhere on that lung. They can’t pull the chest tube if there is still an air leak because then his chest cavity will fill up with air outside of his lung. The only thing to do is wait. Wait for the lung to heal. There is no way to know how long it will take. Doctor said it will not be gradual- it will just leak until it doesn’t- one day it will just stop. The tube is currently causing quite a bit of pain and discomfort just from being inside of jasper and also the fact that he is allergic to adhesives is causing him to itch almost non stop because of all of the tape they have to use to secure the chest tube to his body. He is still on about 3 liters of oxygen unless he has to move a lot and then we have to bump it up.

He HAS been doing very well with physical therapy and he enjoys it. He has always liked to move, to go fast! So he is trying to remain positive and as active as his body will allow. It’s tough- he’d rather be running cross country and playing baseball. He is salty as ever and definitely keeping his nurses entertained with his very dark sense of humor. Please pray for relief from pain and itch, for his lung to heal, that his breathing might improve, and for his physical and mental state all together.  Picture is from a couple of days ago when Jasper was on an episode of Star Wars (LOL)!

Jesus Is King.

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