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This from Trish Tharp about Jerry:
So hard to find the right words to say…. Other than THANK YOU FATHER GOD JEHOVAH RAPHA AND ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE PRAYED FOR MY JERRY!! Today at MD Anderson we met with the dr about yesterdays scan to find out EVERYTHING, I MEAN EVERYTHING HAS SHRUNK AND SOME IS NOT EVEN VISIBLE NOW!!! We continue chemo for 2 more months and then rescan and if it’s continuing as it is now then maybe maintenance chemo pill! We will continue our Chris beat cancer and digestive enzymes ( Dr William Kelley ..ONE ANSWER TO CANCER ) and Fen Ben and IntraMaxx Elixir. This all started with Laura Weatherman PA … who went above and beyond the call to get him in for an exam and then continued support and direction for conquering this cancer PLUS PRAYER !! She is absolutely the BEST DR AROUND! Then, MANY OF YOU …. More than I can mention have contributed research and prayers and guidance and shoulders to cry on …. How BLESSED AND THANKFUL WE ARE !!! Thank you ALL. WE ARE CALLING IT “CHRIST BEAT CANCER !”

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