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 From mom last night:

Granger update:

Yesterday his feeding tube was moved from his mouth to his nose so we could begin bottle feeding.

Today, his RT was able to knock his LPM down to a 2 and he has been doing decent with 21% O2- a few destats in the high 80s, but overall major progress. He took 4ml of milk by bottle.

Prayers are still much appreciated. It is critical that Granger keeps his O2 level at 21% and his LPM as low as possible before we can even discuss the possibility of going home. The progress he has made in just a short week of life is astounding. Every day we are witnessing how powerful prayer is and how GREAT our God is. Thank you to everyone who has prayed and is continuing the prayers. We could not have made this progress without y’all.

Here’s to Granger’s first week of life and the MANY, MANY more he WILL have.

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