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Kylie is experiencing awful withdrawals. 💔

She has a fever, diarrhea, high heart rate, and increased breathing.

They are doing a full work up to make sure she doesn’t have another infection but it seems to be withdrawals.

She has received methadone to help with the withdrawals but it only helps for a short time then she is upset again.💔

Because of the increased breathing she has not tolerated her passy Muir valve or her HME. 💔
This has pushed back her discharge date and decannulation. We will be starting trach training this week in case she will be discharged on the trach.

I can’t help but feel disappointed because I was really looking forward to taking Kylie home this week.
I’m trying to stay positive and I know this is for her own well being.

Please pray that there is no infection and that everything will turn around and we can FINALLY take my baby home.🙏🏼

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