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“It seems the new bone marrow is ingrafting and his counts are beginning to come back but it’s also it’s causing quite a bit of pain. He’s on a pain pump and it helps a little. He’s still experiencing bouts of nausea and he’s very tired and weak, but he’s able to eat a little. His weight is ok for now, just don’t need to lose any. Please pray that Henry’s body will accept the donor marrow with no complications. That the pain and nausea will pass and he will feel better. Also for his anxiety. It was 10 days after transplant when he went to ICU the last time.
Docs came by while I was at Chik filet. They’re going to place a feeding tube because he’s starting to get mucositis, mouth sores, and need to do it before they get bad so he can be fed. They’re also sending for a chest X-ray because his left lung isn’t getting air like it should. Please pray placing the tube is successful and not too uncomfortable and that his lung will clear up.”
While thankful for the successes, we need to continue prayers for Henry, the medical staff and his family!
Blessings and grace,

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