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I apologize for the delay on getting these updates out. There have been some technical issues on our site, which have been rectified.

Instead of doing several posts, we’ve included the last several updates on Hendrix in this singular post.


4-5 Update

“He is still on the ventilator as his settings are slowly being adjusted to hopefully get him back to breathing on his own in the next few days. He has been a little dehydrated so he is getting fluids to make sure his kidneys stay healthy. He had a pretty full bladder so he got a Foley catheter put in to drain the urine. They were able to pull out his arterial line and are checking his labs periodically to make sure everything is trending in the right direction. Little victories every day! 

Our little boy and his mom and dad really can feel everyone’s love and prayers directed our way. It has meant a great deal to us to know how much all of you care. I find myself quite sad and crying here and there, and other times smiling at all the fight he’s got in his little body. On to another day my sweet boy! ❤️
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4-8 Update

“We turned a HUGE corner today!! He was extubated this morning now on high flow oxygen through his nasal cannula, but breathing all on his own and maintaining good vital signs. No more diuretics and no more sedation. He only has IV nutrition but he may get to try and get small amounts of breast milk through his NG tube tomorrow. The next hurdle is to make sure he can go #2 on his own after the big surgery he had on his belly. 
We were so emotional today after seeing him open his eyes and breathe on his own off the ventilator. We were able to hold and snuggle him and give him all of our love. We told him just how many people loved him and prayed for him to keep fighting and get better. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we love all of yall for supporting him and us through this ❤️
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4-10 Update

Update #4 on baby Hendrix:
“Not a lot to update on today’s progress. Hendrix developed atelectasis in his left lung; basically he had partial lung collapse due to build up of mucus from being on the ventilator. So, he has been receiving chest physiotherapy with a respiratory therapist every two hours. They use a tool to pat/percuss his lungs through his chest and back to help break it up so he can cough it out. 
He has been chatting away today though! And for just having major surgery and being connected to 5000 lines and cords, he’s in a good mood! He even gave us some smiles today.
Pray the treatments have helped and tomorrow’s X-ray show improvement. Also, pray that  tomorrow he can start feeds through a feeding tube and his bowels respond well to the feeds.
Our pray request list is growing shorter which is a huge blessing. One more day closer to going home.”
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4-12 Update

“We got discharged from the PICU! We are now on the regular pediatric floor. 

Hendrix is working on feeding from a bottle. So far we aren’t doing great but we aren’t doing terrible. #prayersforpoop have worked 🤭 so thank you for those 😁
That’s really the main goal at this point before we can get discharged home. Pray he gets this down in a day or two so we can get the heck outta here!
We loved our PICU nurses and were sad but happy to say goodbye to them. We have already had a visitor come by to say hi and check in on him 🥰 
Also, huge thank you to Lexie and Brittainy for buying us dinner and Lexie running to the store at 9pm to buy us a bottle warmer. 
Another day closer to being home!”
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4-13 Update

From Tori Ha about Hendrix:
“Last update:
Thank you, Prayer Warriors!!!

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