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Joe Burton
It’s been sometime since we’ve had an update on Joe. My apologies for not keeping you guys up to date! 
From David, Joe’s son:

From David:

“Tough news from the oncologist today. Dad’s cancer has spread to the liver and about 80% of it is now infected. We have a teleconference with the doctor and our family on Tuesday to make a decision on whether or not to do full treatments to fight back and prolong things a bit.  Considering the scope of the infected liver, Dad’s inclination at present is to simply let the cancer take its course…but a final decision will be made next week. 
We are asking for prayers for Dad. He has an abiding faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and is ready to be with God, yet these things are always tough on the family. So please pray for us as well.”
Thank you for continued prayers! 

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