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Jane Burton

From David:

“Dad’s cancer is in remission! Praise God! No tumors in the liver. Gone. Just a tiny bit of activity going on in the lungs, but negligible. Nothing in the brain, which was a concern, as liver cancer can easily travel to the brain. 
Not out of the woods. Small cell will pop back up somewhere. But for now…just thankful for every moment he can have quality of life and we can have him with us. 
We actually are at the ER now, as Dad’s hemoglobin is critically low, either from the Chemo or internal bleeding. They’re testing to find out and are going to give him a blood transfusion. They’ll also do an endoscopy to determine if there’s internal bleeding. 
Dad is resting comfortably at the moment. We greatly appreciate all of the many cards, prayers and kindnesses shown during this time when Dad has faced the effects of cancer, Chemo, and losing his beloved wife. You’re an amazing church family.”

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