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Jane Burton

From David

“Mom has been transferred from Parks Nursing Facility to Medical Center Hospital (Rm. 743) with pneumonia. It’s a frustrating turn of events, as she was making good strides in therapy and the therapist team thought she could go home soon. We are praying Mom will not languish long with this illness and lose all the gains she’s made since her hip break.

Dad had an ultrasound earlier this week, as he’s had constant shooting pains in his legs, feet, and toes. I received a call this morning saying that he has a blockage, so next week we’ll be consulting with a Cardiologist and a Vascular Surgeon. Tricky situation, as you’re not a good candidate for any surgery when you are 86, have stage 4 cancer, and are taking Chemo.
Though life is chaotic at present, we appreciate the abundance of blessings God has showered on our family, and we know whatever plan He has for our parents will be His perfect will. We would all appreciate your prayers. God bless each of you.”

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