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Just saw this post from Jody O’Briant:
“Good afternoon friends and family,
We love you dearly for the ways you have stepped up for our family. We will never be able to fully express the ways that God has used your kindness to show His grace, power and glory. I doubt we even know the full impact you have been on the lives of many. Thank you for loving us and showing that through many different avenues.
 Here is the latest: we had an amazing vacation the first week of August.   The glories of God’s creation are absolutely indescribable. If you have the time and the means go see some of these wonders and think about the Good King who would create them. Pictures are in a previous post but they truly don’t do them justice. We took our vacation knowing that the day after we were scheduled to be back it would be time for scans. Our hearts were blessed to be distracted from this fact because scan anxiety is a real thing that anybody dealing with cancer feels.  
 Scans unfortunately didn’t come back with great news. They showed several lesions in the lungs. Our hearts are definitely heavy with these answers. We have a meeting with the surgeon on Tuesday to discuss the possible surgery. We do not know for sure the plan of action. Hopefully we will get a solid plan together over the next week. 
 We are trusting God but this is heavy, our trust is fragile, and we need help carrying this to The Lord! 
 We love you and ask that you be a part of this again. Please beseech the Lord on our behalf. Here’s how to pray for us(Jasper, Elizabeth, Gabriel, Nathan and Jody) right now.:
1. Please pray that our trust in God and His Power would grow and our faith would be strengthened.
2. Please pray for peace in our hearts as we walk through this valley again. 
3. Please pray for healing of Jasper’s body and mind. 
4. Please pray for wisdom for the Doctors and Nurses as they try to decide the best course of action. 
5. Please remember that Jesus is The Good and Righteous King and the only One who can bring us through this road. 
We know we are not the only ones walking through a difficult season so please reach out to those around you that are hurting. Pray with them and for them because Jesus is the answer. He is King!”

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