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Good afternoon brothers and sisters,
Thank you so much for your ongoing concern and care for Jasper and our family.
I’m sorry it’s been about a month since our last post and a lot has transpired in that time. We thank you for praying and checking up on us even when I’ve been remiss about posting. 
 Here’s that latest. Jasper was supposed to begin the sixth round of chemo on the first full week of April. Unfortunately his numbers did not allow him to take therapy that week even though he felt quite well. The only two places Jasper had seen for months were the hospital and the house. So, we took that as an opportunity from The Lord to get out of town. We left Lubbock on that Monday afternoon, went back to Jal, picked up Gabriel and headed east. We spent the night in Weatherford knowing that the first thing the next day we would go to The LEGO Store. Jasper was super pumped. Check out the pics. He picked up some new sets(that you will see videos on soon) and got to see several models ready built. We had a great time. We went out to eat and Jasper saw an indoor skydiving place and he was begging to go. No dice this time. Once he gets fully healed and back to full strength we will talk about it. Elizabeth’s parents don’t live too far from the metroplex and because of Covid and cancer we literally hadn’t been there in two plus years. We headed to their place. We were able to spend a couple of days there and it was restful. Jasper almost got to go up in an experimental aircraft but the wind was too high that day. We came back the end of that week and got ready for chemo on the next Monday.
 The sixth round of chemo was almost as tough as the fifth. The neuro and nefro toxicities were very difficult on him. Neuro effected his motor skills and memory and nefro effects his kidneys and their ability to keep his electrolyte levels correct. We did have some good days but nights were especially difficult. God was gracious and many of you prayed. On His last night I reached out to you and you sought The King for him. It was truly the only thing that got us through. He was released from the hospital on Resurrection Sunday afternoon. 
 Two days after we got home Gabriel turned 18! What a blessing he has been and such a trooper during this whole time. Don’t get me wrong he is still a brother but they all seem to care more about each other. 
 The week after coming home we met with our doctor and made the decision that the sixth chemo would be his last. The toxicities and their effects were deemed too dangerous for him. That being said, JASPER IS DONE WITH CHEMO!! 
       He had to be on TPN, intravenous nutrition, for several weeks during and after chemos in order to rebalance his electrolytes, as well as oral electrolyte pills. Since being home he also has had blood tests at least twice a week and a clinic visit to Lubbock at least once a week. (During these visits to Lubbock we were all able to Nathan several times and get to eat together. This was also a blessing that was few and far between during the last six months. It’s very easy to take things for granted.)
     All of these tests are done to make sure his body is healing and his levels are normalizing. He finally was able to get deaccessed(no longer has a needle in his chemo port) last week and is only on the electrolyte pills right now. He is healing and we are thankful. Since he is now off of TPN, is healing well, and feeling good many things that haven’t been possible have started again in our lives. Fishing, game nights, Lego building, family and friend visits have begun again.
     Jasper had his first set of scans yesterday since chemo was complete. They showed to be clear! We once again Praise God and thank you for seeking Him for us! Enjoy the pics and please pray with us as we begin this new phase in Jasper’s Journey. 
1. Please praise God for clear scans, bringing us through the chemo portion of this journey, and a body that seems to be slowly healing!
2. Please pray for healing of the mind and spirit as well!
3. Please seek God for others you might know that are going through this type of difficulty, reach out to them and let them know you are praying.
4. Please pray for all the medical personnel that have helped Jasper and that help others through their walk with cancer.  
Always remember Jesus is King!

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