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We received word that Jasper is now headed home. Praise God!

From Jody, last night:

Thank you again, friends and family. It is Tuesday evening, exactly one week from Jasper’s surgery. I’m sorry I’ve not written much but it has definitely been a busy and trying 7 days. God’s Grace has been poured out upon us again and again.  
For those who might have missed it the surgery went quite well. Jasper came through it very well. 
This time in the hospital was not without difficulty. The pain of healing after this major surgery was intense. The tumor resection included about two thirds of his left humerus bone. The implant allows him to keep his arm but he has much pain. Often the pain has been well controlled. Saturday night going into Sunday Jasper was in much pain because of trying to transition him from IV to oral meds too quickly. It was an impossibly difficult night. We are thankful to the King that He brought us through. It is such a hard thing to watch one you love hurt so much. 
As we sit this evening, Jasper feels quite well and we are hoping to go home tomorrow. A few things need to line up to make this happen but we are trusting God to have His way.
We are so thankful for your prayers and care during this time. God has been Faithful, as He always is.
Prayer needs:
1. Please help us to praise the King for the leaps and bounds in healing these last seven days.
2. Please continue to lift up Jasper as he heals and that pain is well controlled.
3. Please continue to lift up our whole family. We are all very tired because of the trials of the last week.
4. Please pray for the broken around you. That God might show you them in a new light. They hurt and they need a Savior King.
We love you more than we can express. We have been checked on, loved, and provided for. Thank you for being part of God’s Grace to us. Jesus is King

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