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Jasper 12 08 21
From Jody:
“Because this journey is filled with high and lows, we want to be honest with those that are praying. Jesus is still faithful and the hard times point us to our ever abiding need for The Savior and Lord.
Day 11: The virus Jasper has along with his very low counts are really kicking him. They are working together to keep his counts low and make the virus last longer 🙁 He has been pretty much non stop nauseated and coughing. They are giving a med to help the cough but we can’t seem to get his tummy under control. He has not vomited but he can’t eat or drink anything and is pretty miserable all the way around. He will need platelets today and they are having to do potassium infusions everyday also since his electrolytes just can’t catch up. A praise is that he hasn’t had a fever yet. They may very well change at any moment but so far… that’s been good. Please pray for relief from nausea and coughing and for his counts to come back up. Thank you. 🖤 
Jesus is King!”

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