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Jasper OBriant 11 19 20

From Jody, his dad:

“Jasper got up and took a shower this morning  👏🏼. He has had waves of nausea but they seem to pass pretty quickly. Dr. O said we could possibly go home tomorrow or may have to wait til Sunday. He has to be able to keep at least liquid down AND be off of the bagged nutrition. He slept most of the day but woke up and has had a tiny bit to eat and a little apple juice. It seems small but we feel like these are huge steps! Thank you for praying!! ❤
Prayer needs:
1. Praise over the huge hurdles of yesterday and today. 
2. Thankfulness for those who have given or raised money so we could focus on Jasper.
3. He would continue to progress and we would be able to be home this weekend. 
Bonus prayer: Tons of people around us are hurting from COVID. Please don’t minimize their pain or loss. Lifting y’all up as y’all lift us up. Thank you for loving Jesus and us.
Jesus is King”

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