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From Jody

Friday 1:31 pm
“They just took him back for surgery. They told us it could be anywhere from 3-6hours. 
Jesus is King”
Friday at 8:31 pm
“Last update we had on Jasper was about an hour ago. He is doing well. They started the other side. We don’t know how much longer. Please keep up praying to King Jesus”
Friday at 11:13 pm
“He is out of surgery. He did really well! Going to PICU. He will probably sleep all night. They are going to take us up there soon. Update more tomorrow. 
Jesus is King!
Thank you so much for the prayers. Yesterday Jasper went back to prep for surgery at 1 the surgery didn’t start until 3 and completed about 11. We cannot thank you enough for interceding on our behalf. Jesus was very gracious. Jasper is now off the vent and we are managing pain. Please continue to seek The Lord and not just for us. Love y’all much. By the way this is jasper’s comfort alpaca, Larry.
Jesus is King!”

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