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From Jody O’Briant:
“It has been a while since we have updated but I guess that’s because Jasper has been feeling well for the most part and we have just been moving along and following the treatment plan. As we have scans coming up, we thought we’d share some pictures of the past couple of months. 
Thanksgiving with some of the extended family. 
Jasper was blessed with a hunting trip and he had the ABSOLUTE best time. 
We had a good Christmas and were thankful to be able to spend it at home and with family. 
Jasper has been soaking up time with the puppers, building some legos, & Gabriel “forced” him to play a new video game. 
He FINALLY got to go for a short ride on his motorcycle. 
And he spent a little time in the air. 
He’s been out with his new hunting buddy several times, just learning and enjoying. 
We are so incredibly grateful for people who have used their resources & time to bless jasper and give him so many incredible experiences. 
We ask that you continue to pray as we fight this cancer. God has been faithful and we continue to trust Him. We love you and as always Jesus is King!”
Side note:
Jesse Gregson is the man in the Grinch pants. He brought his sons on a bowfishing trip with us last year. As we fished, I shared about Spring Creek Ministries. He told me if I ever had anyone that would like to go on a hunting trip to contact him. We got Jasper and Jesse together and Jesse worked his magic! This man has helped numerous people in different challenging circumstances. Thank you, Jesse!!!
Please continue prayers for Jasper and his family!

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