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From Jennifer about Garland Miller:
“Garland 🫘Updates: 
His new kidney is working like a champ, but his labs are still showing protein in his urine. Protein= his FSGS kidney disease in his body. Dr. Lee is having him do  9 plasmapheresis treatments (done in hospital 3x week-bye bye Saturdays.) Hoping to slowly reduce treatments if these help. 
So while he is healing and starting to move better and eat more, we still need your prayers. 💚🙏🫘🏥 
Plasmapheresis= is often done to remove extra antibodies, abnormal proteins, or other harmful substances from the blood.
Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a rare type of kidney disease that causes scarring in the filters of the kidneys. FSGS can make it hard for your kidneys to filter waste, which can lead to kidney failure”
Let’s continue lifting up Garland and Jennifer to the Lord! 

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