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This from Jennifer yesterday:
“Being a perfect match does not always work out perfectly. 
December first marked with a round of dialysis. Garland’s new kidney is failing. He has built up enough fluid and toxins to need dialysis. Doctors have 2 out of 3 biopsy results back and will get the third tomorrow.  It is clear from results that it is NOT his FSGS disease  coming back in this one (that is the disease that caused him to need the transplant in the first place.) it is also NOT antibody rejection and there is no blockage to be found. It is an emotionally frustrating mystery. Today he will have plasmapheresis and rounds of steroids again, which can help his kidney and not harm it. The entire team of kidney specialists meet Monday and they will put their minds together and go over his case to see what else they can do or what plan of treatment he should follow. ❤️
 @ Methodist Transplant/Speciality Hospital”

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