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Doug Robers 04 29 21

“Doug and Lyn returned to Houston this week to meet with the oncologist to review options for treatment since the clinical trial was stopped last week.  The oncologist recommeneded two FDA approved targeted therapy drugs that he will begin in a few weeks.  These drugs will be purposed to shrink the tumors, control spread, and prolong life.  The oncologist stated that the treatment is not a cure.  They will do a CT scan around 8 weeks after this treatment begins to see effectiveness.  

Doug and Lyn returned home and Doug is feeling well.  They specifically asked for prayers for increased energy, stamina, and minimal side effects that can be easily tolerated.  
I believe I can speak for the family when I say that though this is not the path that would be chosen, we see the goodness of God revealed in so many ways.  We pray for eyes to see this even more.  From family, friends, the body of Christ, doctors, nurses, etc.  As Job said, ‘may the name of the Lord be praised.’
Grace and peace, 

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