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Doug Robers 04 29 21
Update on Doug Roberts:
I hope this finds you all doing well. Doug went back to Houston earlier this week for a CT scan and his monthly treatment. However, after getting results from the scan, his doctors have made a decision to discontinue treatment. The tumors on his kidney as well as the ones in his left lung have increased. Though we’re disappointed by this news, our prayer is for our eyes and thoughts to be fixed on Jesus Christ, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. He’s conquered greater things before. Doug will meet with his dr next week to discuss what options there are moving forward. He and Lyn asked me to express their gratitude for your prayers on their behalf. 
Grace and peace,
This news is disconcerting! 😔
But – Doug is a faithful Christian man and knows where his salvation lies. He, Lyn and the girls have been wonderful examples to me for quite some time! I am praying for complete healing for my brother but not my will but Thine! 


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