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We prayed for Dixie some time ago. This post is from Billy, her husband:
“Some of you know and some do not know that back in February my wife Dixie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She had surgery in April in Dallas and the doctor said we could have the chemo in Lubbock so she would not have to drive back and forth from Lubbock to Dallas. After 5 rounds of chemo and a big toll on her body she said enough is enough and she stopped the chemo and the doctor agreed. October 9, 2019 she had blood work and a ct scan on October 16, 2019 the results of the ct scan and blood work was that she is cancer free. She saw the doctor in Dallas today October 28,2019 that did the surgery and he told her everything looks good and unless something shows up on future ct scans she does not have to come back and see him. Thank all of you for the prayers.”
Billy texted me similar information a week ago and I failed to share it. My apologies to Billy and Dixie
Praise God especially for prayers answered YES!

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