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From Jamie:
Chris was moved to his new room non-covid side of icu) around midnight. He didn’t like being moved or his bath🤪, and his oxygen started dropping. They bagged him twice to get his o2 up. At 1 a.m. they started him on the crrt machine and nitric oxide to try to help his saturation. They’re hoping he only has to be on it a little while. 
As of 8 a.m. his vent setting is at 100% support, he’s on the lowest amount of nitric oxide, and he’s tolerating the crrt. They’re not wanting to pull off too much fluid too quickly because his bp is still on the low end.
His heart rate is great, no fever, and oxygenating between 94-96%, and I’m so thankful for that♥️ We need specific prayers for guidance for his medical team – that he can come off of the nitric oxide as soon as possible, that his lungs heal, and that the crrt machine really helps his kidneys and lungs.
I keep thinking of Jesus and how Friday and Saturday were so dark. But…Sunday morning💛☀️🌟
Thank you, Prayer Warriors! Please keep it up!

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