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Chase McClarney 4 24
We received this from Kyle, yesterday evening:
“Mom is getting to hold her baby for the first time.   It has been a long road getting to this point.
Chase is doing a bit better.   His jaundice number of 8 is the same but since he is a day older the 8 is actually a lower number overall.   He is being reduced to one light instead of 3 but he will need to stay in NICU  all day today and there is a good chance all day tomorrow.
His lungs sound clear so I belive we are finally past the fluid in the lungs
He did have a bit of vital stats come down early this morning.   The nurses caught it and determined he was refluxing a bit and it was not a major event.   The doctors reevaluated him this morning and agreed.   He now is using a neck pillow under his neck to keep his head tilted a bit back to reduce chances of reflux
Overall it is small victories each day
Rea is doing good.  She is walking better and is in  good spirits.   She does get dizzy sometimes from the pain meds so we are going to try reducing it by half and see if the dizziness goes away.   Hopefully she will not be in more pain due to her on less pain meds.
Thank you all again for your love, support , and prayers!”

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