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Alex Kiker 9 2 20

From Cody:

“After another very long day, we are blessed to say that the surgery went well!  The surgeon was able to take the node under her chin with no problem (no problems finding it this time).  He said it was bigger than what the sonogram lead them to believe.  We’re glad it’s out of there!!  Please join us in praying that she will not have permanent nerve damage since this is her third surgery in this area.  They took a tissue sample just below her knee.  He didn’t find a solid mass but took what he thought they were feeling and the surrounding tissue.  The bone marrow biopsy went without complications.  She is sore in all areas, but they seem to be playing nice and taking turns hurting.  🙂 We just made it home, having to stop for a little while in Ennis to wait out the storms.  Alex was adamant about coming home today because she hates hospitals.  We will be surprised if we don’t have results from the biopsies by Friday
Please pray for patience, peace, and comfort for Alex while we wait.  Thank you all so much.  We feel your prayers.”

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