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Alex on the right

From Cody:

“First, thank you very much for your prayers for Alex and the family.  After a long day, we wanted to give you an update.  We were scheduled for a PET/CT, COVID, anesthesia consult, surgical consult and oncology appt.  The short version: the PET lit up in several places.  The good news is that it didn’t light up in any places that we weren’t already suspicious about (especially good news not in her bones!).  Her neck lit up in several places, axillary (two places) and multiple (lots and lots) places in her legs.  He went over several scenarios with these results,  the best being it could still all be reactive (benign (AKA:  7%)), it could be the same type of Hodgkins that she previously had, or it could be that she has two different types of lymphoma.  He promised he would not release us from his care without answers if the pathology read benign, meaning he also wants answers to her enlarged lymph nodes.  The percentage for it being malignant is still 93%, unfortunately, according to him.  It’s really hard to weigh this against the good news we got.  The surgeon wants to biopsy her neck, leg, and bone marrow tomorrow at 1100a.  We hope to have the results to those by Friday.
Thank you again for all of your prayers.  Please pray specifically now that the surgery goes well, that they get a good sample, and that the node is completely reactive (benign).“
Please storm the heavens!

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