Update from Lonnie

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Lonnie Hamil
Well, I’m nearing the end of another journey! I’ve been gone for 9 days and it’s past time to go home. God blessed me with an electrical job to help with finances and also put some folks in my path to minister to.
The sweet lady I was working for had lost her soul mate 3 years ago and was being rushed by friends to be thru with grieving.  We were able to talk thru this and I shared that her grieving was on her time table and not anyone else’s.
I was also able to help get a friend, who had oral surgery, back to their home and settled, 2 hours away.
I spent time with an elderly couple who are nearing the end of their lives. She is recovering from strokes and he has congestive heart failure.
All in all, the trip has been very fruitful but also pretty exhausting!
I am 5 hours away from home and would appreciate prayers for strength and safety!

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