Donna and I were able to go by and see Doree and meet her grandmother, Shelly. The doctors had decided to stop all sedation so she would start waking up. She was starting to open her eyes and move around. The nurse came in and explained that since there was no sedation Doree would probably be highly sensitive to any physical or verbal stimulation. They were trying to help her get a good nights rest so we left pretty quick.

Twyla is in the surgical ICU at UMC. She was awake and aware. They are controlling her pain very well and we were able to visit for a short time. Donna and I were privileged to sing “How Great Thou Art” for Twyla. It was a blessing to watch her eyes shine and her mouth move to the words!

Both of these families continue to need lots of prayers!

I am headed out of town to see a few folks so there will probably not be any updates for a couple of days!

I wish you could see the appreciation on the faces of folks when they know they are being cared about and prayed for! You are a special bunch of people and you inspire me when I am tired and weary! Thank you again!


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