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As I write this post, I have just witnessed one of the most touching acts of love I’ve ever seen! When we, all of the family and myself, came out of the elevator on the surgical floor, the hall was lined with hospital staff standing in reverence. It was beautiful and very touching. They call it “The Walk of Honor”. My respect for Northeast Medical Hospital, in San Antonio, is as high or higher than any place I have been in my 9+ years of this kind of ministry! Thank you! 

Cody, Lisa and Tiff’s sister were allowed to go back and stay with her up to the moment the surgeon comes in to start. 

They are still there while the rest of the family and myself wait in the waiting room. 

By the time I post this message, Tiffany’s fight will be over and all that she was able to donate will be rushing to parts unknown to give new hope to those who had none yesterday! God’s speed to every one of those planes and my every recipient be blessed beyond measure as they become part of this sweet young lady’s legacy! 

Thank you for prayers and may God bless each of on this bittersweet day!


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