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As I write this blog, I am sitting at Discount Tire waiting for a flat tire repair. I am mindful of the sunshine and the beautiful morning. I am also mindful of the many people, we are working with, that are having trouble seeing the sunshine for the health problems, financial challenges and family problems that cloud their days!

Things like a recent car wreck that left the husband dead and the wife with 13 broken ribs, a broken clavicle and arm. She is grieving her loss and processing a conversation she had with her husband as he died, along with waiting over 6 hours to be found.

Then there is the sweet lady that has fought bone cancer for the last 9 years and is nearing the end.

The mother that is losing her memory quickly and her children who are navigating new waters as they serve her.

The 60 year old diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer going through chemo.

Another man near the same age that is fighting daily, for his life, as he waits to see if the stem cell transplant is going to work.

Another is the 39 year old man recovering from an aortic rupture and wondering what this means to his future.

Then, the family recently left behind after their wife, mother, and daughter (25 years old) passed from a lifelong struggle with Cystic fibrosis. Need I go on? 

Many times we forget to count our blessings, hug a child or tell a spouse that we love them. 

Let’s not wait until tragedy strikes to be connected with family! Let’s seize the moment that God has given us today! Make a difference in someone’s life by smiling, hugging or just sharing our joy! 

Blessings and grace to each of you!


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