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Paul Stevenson
UPDATE (11-13-19): Paul is now out of ICU and could be having surgery today.
We need to step up prayers for brother Paul!
From Paul:
“The drain tube removal was not as it seemed. The spot where it went has continued to drain and bleed internally. I have gone down hill and finally notified the Dr again this morning.
Long story short…I’ve been all over today for xrays, blood work, CT scans etc. They tried to drain but has become a coagulated infectious mess. I’m being transferred to San Antonio Methodist Hospital ICU Ward.
…just needing prayers and good vibes!
They are telling me this is not a direct result or complication of whats left of my cancer, but rather medical staff screwing up the removal of my tube.
Nothing is ever guaranteed…and I’m just leaning on the great physician!
Thanks! in advance”

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