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Received a prayer request from my friend, Stephen Swift. It got me thinking about everything that’s going on. A lot is being said about those on the front lines of the medical field. The primary thought is how brave they are putting their lives on the line. The secondary thought that I haven’t seen a lot about is what their families are going through.
From Stephen:
“My sister, Aubrey, husband Zack is a Head ER/ICU nurse. He’s been in contact with COVID-19. Please pray for him. Aubrey and their little one have had to leave their home since he’s been in contact with the virus. They will continue to stay away from him as he is on the frontline of this war. Let’s take a minute to thank everyone like him and please pray for his strength and my sisters strength as she is dealing with multiple battles with dad passing away and now her family split apart. 
Here’s what Aubrey sent me. 
He’s in a mess right now, it’s his second day in a Covid ICU unit in downtown San Antonio. 
So the best we can do is stay isolated and not worry.‘”
Please join me in praying for Zack and Aubrey TeGrotenhuis and son Nathan!
Thank you,

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