Prayer Request for Jarron Vargas

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Jarron Vargas

Jarron is the second child from the left.

Jarron Vargas is the son of one of Donna’s ex choir students from her teaching days. Jarron lives in Midland and was admitted to the ER yesterday around 3PM with a fever and some pretty significant swelling in his face.

His mom, Faith just gave us this update:

The fever finally broke!!! So today he has been fever free, but this morning his face is worse. They said it will take the antibiotics a while to kick it. The did a ct scan and it showed inflammation around one of his teeth. So they believe it is the start of an abscess which is causing the swelling. So we will talk to oral surgeon and see what steps we take next and make sure we are on the right track.

Please pray for Jarron!

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