From Donna:

Fall is a refreshing time of year.  The hot days of summer are behind us and there is a welcome coolness in the air.  Here in the Permian Basin, we keep expecting cold weather, but we aren’t complaining about the highs in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s!

The changing of the seasons reminds me of God’s continuing care for all of us.  As our journey moves forward with the future sometimes cloudy, I know that God sees us through each day and will be there for every single tomorrow.

In October, the season for teaching music ended and I stepped into a chapter I find difficult to describe.  Each person whom we serve in any situation has a soul and a story. They need assurance and encouragement.  Not every person we see is in a dire physical circumstance. Sometimes they simply cannot leave home due to age, illness or injury. We know caretakers, the backbone of home care, are very important and need a break or respite.  It isn’t always easy to ask for help.

Lonnie and I have been asked, “How do you get into these people’s lives?”

When someone contacts Spring Creek Ministries and gives us a name of a person or family in need, we are being asked into someone’s personal world.

Hospital visits are kept simple, because patients in a hospital (and their family members) are typically aware of a parade of staff going in and out of the room.  Lonnie and I make visits together sometimes and others we do separately.  We introduce ourselves, briefly describe what we offer, and ask if there is anything we can do for them.  If they are comfortable having a prayer with us, we pray for them.  So far, everyone has appreciated having his or her name lifted to God in prayer. We leave calling cards, so that when they need us they know how to reach us.

If a friend or family member calls us to visit someone, we first ask the friend or family member contact the person and make certain it is okay for us to make the visit.  We don’t ever want to appear to barge in. This is their world, their life, and their struggle.  Listening to them gives us a chance to see what information they want, so we can assist them.

Hopefully this newsletter will explain more about the approaches we use to begin ministering to those in need.

I am grateful to be asked to assist these precious people.  We have met amazing people and listened to life stories we would have otherwise missed.

To our supporters, Lonnie and I are grateful for the cards, hugs, encouraging words, and funds.  As we each do what we can in service to our Lord, we strengthen those around us.

From Lonnie:

Greetings & Happy Holidays to each of you from the Hamil Family!  Things have been steady over the last month and a half. With Donna on board the workload is easier to handle. I am continuing to deal with ongoing lower back issues. Since our last report I have had two epidural injections by Dr. McGehee a pain management specialist. Hopefully these will start helping soon.

I was visiting with a friend a couple of days ago and he suggested that I share some of the things we are able to do with the ministry that are less known.  Working with folks that are terminally ill has opened the door for future Bible studies with family.  We have also had the occasion to share the Gospel with people in the last days and even moments of their lives. It is thought that hearing is the last sense to go when someone is dying. My opinion is that we should never stop sharing the word of God until the last breath is taken. Many times, people in this position, are not conscious – but I am not the judge so I keep sharing as long as I can. We also sing to our care recipients.  Of course, this has been much better since Donna came on board! I take every opportunity to speak at churches, Bible studies, clubs and any other venue possible to encourage others to start programs to help the homebound and terminally ill stay involved as much as possible. To me – this is an excellent way to spread the ministry much further that we could ever reach on our own.  We have also been working with more children in the recent months. Our goal with Spring Creek Ministries is to always keep our eyes open to the direction that God wants us to go. I am not sure which direction that may take us in the future – but I am excited with what He has done so far and anticipate the future with much hope!

Those to Remember:

Smith Family in the loss of Scott

Family of Bill Elms in his passing

Carl Denton – ongoing health problems

Jodi Conn – Now in recovery care

Bob Hill in the loss of his brother

Kaitlyn & Kynadi Lee (3 yr old twins) ongoing developmental challenges from premature birth

Bentley Hawley  – is cancer free and the pulmonary embolism is gone

Kelsey (a young lady from Lubbock) has Chronic Leukemia  – being treated with chemo

Kenzi – granddaughter of the Hawley’s had surgery for a vascular malformation on her left arm – doing well

Martha Farris – dealing with pain in her legs (still undiagnosed)

Kim Nolan – Long term care at Sienna Nursing home (blind & quadriplegic)

Carolyn Stockton – Alzheimer’s

Forrest McCleery – fell and fractured hip – now in therapy

Neal Marshall – diagnosed with Lymphoma

Jodi Hogan is recovering nicely from her broken leg

Lisa Lewis is struggling with her Lupas again


I apologize in advance if I have left anyone off of the above list. Please feel free to email or call me if you know of others that we need to put on the list.

Last but not least I’m going to try this one more time:

To all sponsors – PLEASE email your birthday(s) to us (just month & day). We are trying to update our records and would like to remember you at that time.

We thank you for your continued support and covering of prayer!

Blessings & Grace,


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