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This from his wife, Elizabeth:
“Today is Zackary Smith and my 11 year wedding anniversary.  There are no words for the thoughts and feelings that are running through my mind at a manic pace while I sit here holding my husband’s hand while he fights to take his last breathes.  While our marriage had its rough patches, we built a life together that was truly unique.
      Zack and I have been best friends since first grade when I ran up to him on the playground and said, “hey, I’m Beth, wanna be friends?”  He accepted and from that moment to this one he and I have developed a bond that I believe to be as close to soul mates as anyone can get.  We learned to understand each other on a deep level that required no words.
     Now, some 31 years after our journey together began, I can only sit helplessly and comfort my best freind while simultaneously comforting our 4 young sons and trying to hold myself together.  No one knowth the hour, but I believe in my heart Zack will be with the Lord very shortly.  When he makes that journey home, a huge peice of my heart and soul will go with him.  I know that life without this family’s patriarch is going to be painful and difficult for myself and our children while we adjust to our new reality without him here with us.
      Goodbye my love.  Your too short time on this earth will leave a bigger impact than you could have imagined.  I look forward to the ridiculous friendly debates we will have on all things nerd when we meet again.”
Please be praying for this family

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