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Around May 1st a dear friend of mine had a life changing experience. From his wife, Jennie:
“A week ago Stephen had a heart attack/ cardiac arrest while driving and was in a bad accident. He is still one life support. Please pray for our family. You can bless us with continued prayers and healing energy. You can also bless me with pictures or things that warm your heart. It’s the hardest when things are quite.”
May 13th:
“Thank you for all the prayers and support. Each and every one have warmed my heart. I’m blessed to say that yesterday Stephen was taken off the ventilator and is breathing on his own!! He is also awake and talking a little bit. He had a great day yesterday. Continued prayers as he still has a lot of healing to do.”
Today, May 27:
“Please continue to send prayers and healing energy for Stephen. On the 19 he was transferred to inpatient rehab. On Saturday his vitals became unstable and they discovered he has severe sepsis. He continues to battle a high fever. He has lost a lot of blood and had to have several blood transfusions. Yesterday the bleeding stopped, we pray it wont start back up again. They changed his antibiotics last night, pray that it will fight  this infection. He his becoming discouraged. He misses his kids so much, he hasn’t seen them in 25 days, and its breaking his heart.”
Prayer Warriors,
Please lift Stephen and his family up in prayer! I would greatly appreciate it!

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