Meet Savannah

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Savannah Nichols

This is Savannah. She’s an eight-year-old firecracker with more energy than just about anyone I’ve ever met. My wife, Haley, reached out to Spring Creek to ask prayers for Savannah and her mother, Amber.

A few weeks ago, Savannah started having seizures. The seizures, however, did not show typical symptoms. Little Savannah looses control of most of her motor functions, but, stays conscious and lucid. As far as anyone can tell, the seizures don’t cause any pain.

She is being treated with anti-seizure medication, but, it does not appear to be working. Today (Tuesday, 10/17/17) Amber and Savannah are making a trip to Dallas to see if any more answers become more available.

Last night, Amber told me that throughout this whole ordeal, Savannah has handled it all with a smile on her face, but, that it is really making her tired.

We’re asking prayers for this family as there is a high level of stress and anxiety when you don’t know what is going on.


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