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Ciara Rogers (seen in the red plaid), and her family lost everything in an apartment fire on December 11th, in Lubbock, TX. Two weeks prior, her vehicle was totaled when they were hit by someone running a red light.

Ciara (33), her fiance, Larry (34), and their two boys, LJ (5) and Eli (2) are currently living out of a hotel.

The family is in need of clothing, furniture, and all basic amenities.

Spring Creek Ministries is partnering with Team Grinch Lubbock to help ease their burden.

One of the more immediate needs is a vehicle so that Larry (Ciara’s fiance) can go to work and not have to spend unnecessary money taking Uber (Larry works nights).

We have a lead on two vehicles, either of which can be purchased for less than $5,000 cash, but one of them will need some work done.

Beyond the transportation needs, we are working to get the family a storage unit where donated items can be stored until they can find a new home.

All money raised through this fundraiser is tax deductible and will go directly to help this family.

We ask for your money and prayers as we assist in helping guide this family through such a traumatic event.

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