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Chase was born Tuesday around 3 pm. He was doing fine but has since started having a few challenges. 
These posts are from his dad, Kyle:
Tuesday 7:36 pm. “Chase has been having a few issues with fluids in his lungs.   He has a slight labored breathing and he has not been able to leave the nursery.   He is going to need to stay over night in the nursery.   We need some prayers he can leave soon to go to his mom.”
Wednesday 6.30 am. “Chase has been moved to the NICU for observation of his  breathing issue and for his jaundice.    The breathing has been getting better without much treatment other than time.  They are running a culture of blood to see if he has an infection.   He has been eating and resting well.     Unfortunately, he will be on this light all day so I don’t think mom can hold him today.”
Wednesday 2:30 pm “Chase is doing better on the breathing.   They believe the fluids have passed but they are doing some more blood work to look for possible infections 
His jaundice has gone up a bit last night but it is coming down now.   He will be in NICU for at least all day and night
Mom is doing good and is walking around.  She is in a bit of pain but managing.”
Please add Chase and all of his family to your prayers! 

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