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I don’t often get to introduce new faces for the ministry, however, this introduction merits the story behind it, as I firmly believe that this meeting was divine.

I was on the hunt for a newer vehicle that would be good for traveling as well as being able to pull the trailer that my business owns. As such, Brynn’s father, John, had listed a vehicle that checked off all of the boxes.

On Friday, May 3rd, my wife and I drove out to Wilson, TX to meet John and take a look at the vehicle.

As we were making introductions, John apologized for the state of the vehicle (it had been sitting and was dirty) and began to explain that, within the last year, his 8-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Between the diagnosis, hospital visits, tests, and trying to keep the family afloat through all of this, the vehicle had been neglected. I told John that he needn’t apologize for having his priorities straight.

After test-driving the car, I decided I liked it well enough to buy it. At that point, John called his wife, Tiffany, to sort out some things on the title.

While we were waiting for Tiffany to call back, John told me a little more about their situation. Nothing extraordinary, but he proceeded to tell me that he didn’t know why he was telling me all of this and that he doesn’t normally talk about it, least of all with strangers.

The more I heard of the story, the more I was convinced that I knew why he told me: I could help.

I explained to him my involvement with Spring Creek and that I believed we could be of assistance, not to mention our vast network of other non-profits who would also fit the bill for helping them.

After a bit, John and I went to meet Tiffany and get the proper paperwork started.

Tiffany told me more of Brynn’s story, which I will do my best to relay.

Some time, last year, Tiffany noticed that Brynn’s water intake seemed especially high. After visiting a doctor, they had no answers. To complicate things, Brynn is adopted and her family medical history is mostly unknown.

A friend of Tiffany’s suggested that Brynn’s symptoms sounded an awful lot like a rare form of diabetes. 

With that information, they were able to get a referral to an endocrinologist who confirmed the suspicions. During that diagnosis, it was discovered that Brynn had a brain tumor.

In talking to John and Tiffany, I was able to put them in touch with Hallie’s Heroes to help ease the burden of their travel expenses between the Lubbock area and Houston/DFW.

While we’re not certain what the trajectory is for treatment for the tumor, as of this morning, Brynn’s MRI was done (no sedation needed) and there is a procedure scheduled for tomorrow morning at 6am, Central. 

We ask that you lift Brynn and her family up as they embark on this journey.


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