Dear Friends & Loved Ones,

March was a crazy month! With Spring break and so many folks traveling, (including me) our visits were down to around fifty.  But, we were still blessed to spend quality time with some who are nearing the end of their journey here on earth. I am receiving two to three new request each month and am in need of more volunteers. Praise God for Sue Bush who has started helping me write cards to folks. Mary Jo Garner has also volunteered to help with calls and cards. Stacie Pruitt has also been helping by making visits. I was pleased to hear that Laurie Wilson is heading up the Tender Loving Care program at Sherwood Church of Christ and that this good work continues. Please pray for it’s success.

Kyle Degge (53 and a personal friend of mine) lost his fight to cancer last month – but has gone on to his reward in heaven! Lynn Payne came through a stroke and brain bleed with little side effects – he is now home and has recently received a great report from his Dallas doctors about his heart and COPD condition. He and Sheila were in the process of a home remodel when he got sick. Please pray for them as they have had every kind of setback imaginable (with sub-contractors) during this trying time. Richard Tomlin is finally home from the hospital – but will continue to have challenges because his heart is so weak. Please remember he and Joyce. Continue to pray for the Kent Rivas family as they deal with challenges from his previous job. As of today, Betty Reneau has been put in Hospice care. This will be a great blessing to Caren, Walter and the family.   Nancy Langford‘s cancer has progressed to the point that she is having much difficulty with breathing. Her husband, Boyce, continues to care for her but will need help as her condition worsens. Since they were married later on in years, they have no living siblings or parents to help – so if you are willing to assist – please let me know. Maci Bell, college age daughter of Nathan Bell, fell from a three story balcony last Saturday. After surgery, the initial prognosis was not good at all. I spoke with her grandmother (Carole Bell) today and prayers are being answered. She is actually starting to move different parts of her body and showing promise that she may recover from her paralysis

As of today – we have raised 93% of our monthly goal for Spring Creek Ministry support! Thanks to many of you we are now able to spend more time ministering and less time raising funds. I would appreciate it, if you think of someone who might be interested in our work, if you would refer them to me. I will treat them with respect and share my love for this ministry in a Christian way. I will do my very best to make sure that no one ever feels pressured to participate.

Ross (my oldest son) and his wife Haley are due on June 8! Please pray that Jonathan Dean Hamil will make it here without any complications to him or his mother. Donna & I will be headed to the HEB Encampment this coming Friday for the annual Johnson Street Family Retreat (San Angelo). We look forward to spending the time with our son, Reed, and his wife Julie. This is also a great time to sit back and relax, to gather our thoughts and spend some quality time with our Lord and others of like mind. Donna is in the throws of choir contests this month along with end of school programs – please be praying for her as she is so busy and deals with ongoing Fibromyalgia.

A HUGE THANK YOU to my son, Ross, who updated the website and made it more pleasant to the eye.

We love and cherish each of you and request your continued prayers for our ministry!

Blessing & Grace to each of You,

Lonnie Hamil



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