Blessings to you and your family! We hope Spring is bringing you a sense of renewal and freshness!

The process of applying for Non-Profit status is ongoing for Spring Creek Ministries. In the mean time, we are planning to attend training with Covenant Hospital on their policies and procedures. Many laws and issues have arisen in the last few years that have to be reviewed and applied to clergy and visiting clergy. It is difficult, in our society, to keep up with the changes!

We will continue to add people to our prayer list as requested, however, if they are in the hospital, there needs to be clear permission to do so.   Covenant considers it a breech if information is shared that was obtained with in the walls of a Covenant office, clinic or hospital. In order to protect privacy, we will have to be vague about some prayer requests. We hope you understand.

If information is already on social media we will ask the person or parent of the person if we may share their posts.

Now with that out of the way, we thank you for your ongoing prayers and support of sweet souls who are suffering. You are making a difference!

Zadee Lopez is at Cook’s Children’s Hospital for more tests. Her dad, Rick, posted this on Facebook: “Labs came back good. They canceled her bone marrow tomorrow because they have been coming back negative, which is great news. MIBG injection tomorrow and on Wednesday she gets a CT scan and MIBG scans. Thanks be to GOD!

zadee 1 zadee 2











Easton Lopez turned one year old. His parents and grandparents have assistance in taking care of Easton at home. Though he is on a ventilator, his breathing has improved and he is now being tested to see if he can be moved from a vent to a CPAP machine. That would be a welcomed improvement!

Carter Thetford

A newborn baby, Carter Thetford, has been in the hospital with the flu and pneumonia. His dad told us that Carter is responding to treatment and they are pleased with his improvement!









mama dot

Yesterday was the birthday of the late Mama Dot Wolfe. She was a vivacious and faithful Christian woman. She was the first woman to ever make Salad Cake for gatherings. Actually, it was a chocolate sheet cake, but if she called it “Salad” it had to be healthy, right??!!! She raised a precious family and they miss her everyday.
There is no easy way to let go of those we love.

Dennis Wolfe, Mama Dot’s son and Patti Musselman’s brother, is still undergoing tests for a heart pump and then a heart transplant.




JoanAn update on the Rigney family. After Joan (Donna’s mom) passed away our family received hundreds of cards, calls, emails, and texts.

There is no way to count the prayers lifted in our behalf. What a blessing each and every one has been to us. You have carried us through a heart breaking time and we love you dearly!







Lonnie had a very good report on his aneurysm! It is so small that the risk of doing surgery is greater than the risk of it growing. It hasn’t grown in 3 years and the neurologist told us he didn’t believe it would grow any more. We still need to be aware of any physical changes that would indicate a change. That was such a tremendous relief!

You may remember Giving Tuesday that occurred the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. We have signed up for that promotion again. Last year we really didn’t know what it was about, so this year we are getting busy and making the most of Giving Tuesday. It is a day when donations can be made online and in Lubbock, a percentage of the donations are matched! There will be more information available to you as we approach that time of year. Who can think of winter when the trees are budding and grass is turning green?!!


Grace and Peace to all of you!

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