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I have already received many happy birthdays this morning and thank you! I have a special request of each of you. To honor me for my birthday would you please take a moment and say a special prayer for the following people:

Danny Wren – for his health to allow a much needed kidney transplant as soon as possible
Tiffany Fulbright – 24 years old and fighting Cystic Fibrosis since she was 5 months old. She desperately needs to regain enough health to qualify for a lung transplant.
Monte Holmes – has a rare blood disease and needs a bone marrow transplant. Please pray for a 10 point match so he can quit chemo treatments and get the transplant soon.
Barrett Hooten – a young man who recently had heart, lung and kidney transplants and needs complete healing.
This would mean the world to me! 
Blessings and grace!

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