I don’t think I have expressed my feelings about our ministry, in a report, in a long time! I was driving home from the Waco area last week and I realized that this might be the hardest job I have ever done! But, I love bringing hope, happiness and even answers (from time to time) to those who are facing a long-term illness or are preparing for their final journey! I have been asked questions like – “Do you enjoy watching people hurt? Do you have some weird fascination with death? Does it make you feel important to be in the middle of stressful, heartbreaking situations?”

My answer to all of these is a resounding NO, but, “Loving your neighbor as yourself, comes in many different forms!” When I started this journey 6 years ago I just saw a need to reach out to folks who were sometimes forgotten by their own churches. I saw a need to reach out to those who have no church and sometimes little or no family support.

I have to admit – I do get excited when Donna & I sing to someone who has been non-responsive and their eyes open or they mouth the words to an old hymn. It makes me feel good when we are able to help a family make some sense out of the senseless. It makes me feel good to see a child’s eyes light up when we give them a soft fleece blanket or a handmade doll. I am convinced that I have been blessed far beyond anyone I have worked with! Sometimes I hate my job! Sometimes I have no idea what to do or say! But I have learned that God’s grace is sufficient and it’s always best to “Be still and know that HE is God!” So – as long as it is the Lord’s will and I have a passion for these people, I will continue!


I recently took a few days off to go fishing with a friend who always helps me recharge. (Thank you, Wade Cates!) We fished the Brazos River, near Waco. Afterwards, Wade went home and I made calls in the area. I was able to see lots of folks and was referred to some new people that we will be helping.

The first night of our trip, Wade and I stopped in Glen Rose, and spent the night with my cousin and her husband, Kay & Jay Nabors. They shared about a friend who was in his final days with cancer and we were able to pray with them. I won’t mention his name since I didn’t get permission. The Nabors were wonderful hosts and saved us the cost of lodging. (Thank you!) One day I drove over to Rockwall to meet Alex Kiker. Alex was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She is 11 years old and so sweet I wanted to bring her home!

Alex Kiker 2

Alex Kiker

After our visit I went across town to see R. C. Anderson. Rob is Donna’s cousin and a board member/officer for Spring Creek Ministries as well as a faithful contributor. Rob was recovering from hip replacement surgery and doing quite well. He is always such an encouragement to me.


Any time I’m in the Waco area I try to see Terry & Mary Ann Clements. They have been faithful supporters of Donna and I since our youth ministry years! On this last trip they made the use of their office and shop available to me. Lodging is one of our biggest expenses. The Clements’ offices are equipped with a small kitchen, bathroom and shower facility. I was tent camping to save on lodging when they offered the use of an empty office and anything else I might need while there. Since the weather turned cold this was a huge blessing. Note: They graciously offered a place in their home any time but I opted for the office so I could have some quiet time (I like to visit too much!). Not only did they take me out to eat, they also encouraged me and gave me a sense of family while away from home. What special people!

Terry Clements

Terry Clements








Please remember these:

Violet Walker passed away on January 23rd – she was a very special lady and friend! Pray for healing for her family.


Kalven Siders

Kalven Siders

Kalven Siders – On January 24th Kalven was taken to the hospital with some kind of infection around his belly button and stomach. He is much better now. Last Sunday he ran up to me and crawled up in my arms. He said, “Thanks for coming to the hospital to see me!” What a precious little boy!


Our daughter-in-law, Haley Hamil has Thyroid surgery last week. She is home and doing well. Please pray that they will get her medications adjusted quickly!


David Watkins

David Watkins

David Watkins has been a good friend and supporter of our ministry since it started. Dave had throat and tongue cancer several years ago. An after affect of the radiation was damage to the jawbone. On February 3rd David has his mandible removed then reconstructed with bone from his leg. This was a very complicated and difficult process. He is recovering and hopefully will be headed home from MD Anderson today if all goes well. Please pray for David and his wife, Laura, as they navigate this challenging time.


Kinsley Ellis

Kinsley Ellis

Kinsley Ellis – On December 10th Kinsley was brought from Andrews to Lubbock, by ambulance, with severe pneumonia. She is back home but since then she and her brother Karsen have had RSV. Both are better now!


Last week I was made aware of the Donegan family. Amy was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. While tests were being ran they determined that she was pregnant with their 4th child. This has complicated an already serious situation. Please pray for Amy as well as her husband, Josh and the children!

Donegan Family

Donegan Family

New News:

Back in late December Troy Teague donated several “Cuddle Buddies” from VK Nagrani! Here are some pics of the children these handmade dolls were given to:


Troy Teague








We thank you for your continued support and would appreciate prayers for our 501(C)3 non-profit status to be approved quickly.


Blessings and Grace!



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