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Jack Rigney

I spent last night at Covenant hospital with my father-in-law, Jack Rigney (Pappy). Pappy is 88 years old, his sight is failing, he struggles with COPD and his heart is also failing. Shortly after I got here my sister-in-law left. As soon as the door closed he told me we needed to talk. He said he was ready to go home and wanted to be gone before he was completely blind. After lots of discussion we decided that it’s not a question of the destination, but what will the final moments of life be like and then the actual journey?

The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. 

Here are the thoughts I shared with my father-in-law:

When I look around at the beauty that God gave us here on earth, the mountains, forests, oceans, the sky…

And, we know that what God has for us after life is more that we can imagine – a home prepared just for us…

Then, why would we think that the journey would be anything less than amazing? I am convinced that God’s love and goodness will be apparent in the journey also! 

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Please pray for Jack and our family as he gets closer to making his final journey!



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