Josh Donegan just sent me a text. Danley Grace was born this morning!!! Many of you have been praying for this sweet family. Amy (mom) was diagnosed earlier this year with advanced Lymphoma. She was told that her pregnancy needed to be aborted immediately so she could start chemo. She and Josh didn’t feel like abortion was an option so they chose to put this situation completely in God’s hands.  I posted a few months back that she had been declared cancer free by her, very surprised, oncologist!  So we, you, PRAYED! Danley Grace Donegan weighed 7.0 lbs, is 20 1/4″ long. Mom and baby are doing great! Josh said, “We had to use Grace because of God’s grace through all of this!! I hope this will help others to trust God and to have faith when faced with trials!”

Danley Donegan and family

Amy, Danley, Marli, Slade, Hadley & Josh

Thank you, Donegans, for being a great example! Please continue prayers for this wonderful family!!!





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