Spring is life
Spring is hope
So is love and
Spring renews.
Without spring,
life is forlorn.
Spring is nostalgia
after bitter storm.
Put spring in your heart

Archie Greenidge


Spring is here and the flowers are in bloom, spring fever in in abundance and the summer is on the way! We have had yet another blessed month in the ministry. It seems that more time was spent on the road with different ministry opportunities than here in Odessa. A couple of these opportunities have turned into bible studies and others into counseling sessions. Sometimes I don’t know which direction the Lord is sending me, but, there is always ministering to do. With less folks in the hospital I had more opportunity to get into the homes of those in need. We currently have 12 in nursing home care, 8 in assisted living care and 22 confined or semi-confined to home. Just making short visits to this many people can take lots of time. But  – the reward is well worth it! I nearly always feel like I have been more blessed by these visits than those I am visiting – they encourage and build me up.


Jerry Campbell lost his battle to cancer on April 24th. Praise the Lord that Ted Hogan was wiling to share Christ with Jerry some time ago. Jerry turned his life over to God and is now at home with Him. Please pray for Jerry’s sons as they work toward gaining some normalcy in their lives again.

Betty Reneau seems to be doing well. She has some pain, but is able to sleep pretty well. She always has a smile on her face when I visit and I love to hear life stories she shares with me. Caren, her daughter, is doing an excellent job of keeping up with Betty and their business (Betty’s Bobbin Box).

Alice Fry is in Alzheimer’s care in Crane, TX and is adjusting slowly. Her daughter, Elaine Jackson, has found a part time job and is making adjustments after caring for her mom 24/7.

Maci Bell is in Colorado in rehab after a fall from a third story apartment. She has had some challenges with fever – but – is working  very hard at her therapy and is progressing nicely – Maci is college age and has a bright future to look forward to – please continue to pray for her and her family.

Nancy Langford continues to battle her COPD & lung cancer – Her husband, Boyce, is taking care of her around the clock so we need to be praying for his strength and her willingness to let others help.

Congratulations to Don Bowen who turned 90 years young last month. Don lost his precious wife, Allene, to cancer on May 30, 2011 after a long hard battle. Please remember him as the one year date approaches.

Mary Jo Garner has been battling with the Veteran’s Administration over Howard’s retirement. Please pray that this will be worked out so she can keep her place at Lincoln Tower.

Kenley Martin is doing great after her skull surgery – praise God!

Cecil Hadaway seems to be nearing his last days. Please be mindful of Vermell as she deals with these challenges.


Family Matters:

The approach of our newest grandchild is only a little more than a month away.  If you can’t tell, Donna & I are a bit excited. Donna & I had the opportunity to go to Johnson Street Church of Christ’s family retreat last month. It was unbelievable! We had a great time of renewal and encouragement. Our daughter-in-law, Julie, got a full time teaching job in San Angelo – where she will be a music teacher. I’m sure she will do a fantastic job. Hopefully Reed will be able to get moved there pretty soon. Jacob has finals this week and will be headed home on Friday, May 4th. Yours truly was diagnosed with a herniated disk in my lower back and arthritis is the surrounding vertebrae. Surgery is the last option and I am requesting your prayers that it will not come to that. Donna is down to her last choir concert of the year and is working very hard to make it a great success. I’m sure she will outdo herself as always!

Jerry Shelton, a dear friend of mine, designed my logo, business cards, letter head & thank you cards back when we were in the beginning stages of the ministry. He has a huge heart for the Lord and has been a great source of encouragement for me and the ministry.  His wife, Carla, and children, Jerrod & Carly hold a special place in my heart. We have been together at Pine Springs Summer camp for more years than I care to share. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to this awesome Christian family who always serve others in a quiet, loving way!

I may sound like a broken record – but – I cannot express my gratitude enough to each of you for your prayers & support!







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