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Sebastian Paul McClellan a 11 25 20
Sebastian Paul McClellan b 11 25 20

From his grandmother, Marilyn Baker (shared by his mother):

“This is my son’s x-ray from June.
He has Congenital scoliosis with extensive segmentation-formation anomalies. This type of scoliosis is rare and causes high risks. It is commonly associated with  restrictive lung disease which he has as well. We have a lot of back and forth with his doctors to make sure he’s got all he needs for this surgery. The surgery is going to be a long and scary one he will have many risks with his spin and blood. He has had 2 tethered spinal cords in the past repaired so this is risky for him.  His surgery will be the end of Jan unless we can get in sooner. Guys I been with him for 13 surgeries but this on has me on edge. Im scared. So as time gets closer I gets closer, I get nervous.”
Join me in praying for Sebastian and his family! 

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