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Barrett Cropped

From Heidi:

“So today was a little more exciting than I’d like. Barrett got a mucus plug stuck in his airway this morning. He’s not strong enough to cough it all out yet. It cut off his oxygen, they lost his pulse and did cpr for about 30 seconds and then he came back. They routinely bronch him and suck all this stuff out but today he was comfy in his chair watching golf so they waited a bit but it was a bit too long today. Nothing seems to be damaged. All seems to be well but he’s having a lot of pain in his chest incision from the cpr. He was also very afraid and upset as you can imagine. This hospital staff is amazing and they are so kind to this mom who got a bit overwhelmed. I can’t imagine what God is preparing him for but it must be HUGE!! Oh my word this has been the biggest roller coaster. I’m so ready to get off and us just be at the beach!! ❤️💚”

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