Prayers Needed David Watkins

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My dear friend and brother, David Watkins, needs our prayers! David had a cancerous tumor in the throat and neck area several years ago. He went through very radical treatment and had been in remission for a long time. Recently he has been having trouble swallowing and talking. Earlier this week he went back to MD Anderson Hospital to have some tests run. They took a biopsy and immediately put him in the hospital. He just texted me the following info:

“I’ll get the feeding tube tomorrow, the reason I’m hospitalized. Hope to see radiation today. Neck Medical is today or tomorrow. Lung medical is subbing for neck medical but I didn’t catch when I’d see neck medical. All to say that the advisory team will meet on Monday and come up with a suggested plan of action.”

This sweet family has been through their fair share of medical issues over the years. Please add David, his wife Laura and the family to your prayers!


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