January first brought the opportunity for Lonnie to lead the invocation at the inauguration of the Ector County government.  What a blessing to be able to lift them up in prayer as they approach their tasks!

It is always encouraging too see marvelously obvious answered prayers.  Rejoice with these precious people and their families!                                                                                                                                                                                            Ed Foster is cancer free after surgery and treatments.

 Kaitlyn and Kynadi Lee had MRI’s and showed remarkable improvements. The cysts in Kynadi’s brain are gone and Kaitlyn’s are greatly reduced in size.  We love seeing the Lee family at church and watch Kynadi chug up the aisle with an adult in tow!

Cash Horton is home from his heart procedure and doing well.

Continuing prayers for

 Carolyn and Jack Stockton.  Carolyn has Alzheimer’s and currently is at home under the care of her husband, Jack.

Kim Nolan who is in long-term care at Sienna Nursing Home in Odessa.

Martha Farris has back problems and is having full hip replacement surgery this coming Tuesday, February 19th, in Midland.

Neal Marshall has begun treatments for lukemia.

Please keep these families in your prayers as they deal with the loss of loved ones;

 Mark and Linda Koehn in the loss of Linda’s mother (and Mark claimed her, too), Peggy Busby.  She was a wonderful Christian example and at worship every chance she got!

Leonard Ruebush and his family in the loss of  wife and mother, respectively, Clara.  Clara was a ray of sunshine wherever she went and her love for God was always evident.

The family of Bruce Cunningham. Bruce passed away in January.  His presence as a son, brother, and father will be greatly missed.

A friend of Mary Jo Garner, Grace Perryman, passed away.  They were friends at Lincoln Towers.

Joe Conn and family in the loss of Jodi. A few years ago,  Jodi was our bookkeeper/all purpose office lady who finally succumbed to leukemia.

Family business.

To our contributors, we mailed out statements for your tax information.  If you have not received one, please notify us immediately and we will send another one.

Lonnie continues to raise support for this ministry.  If you know someone who would like to view the 6 minute DVD that describes our work, we have them available.  They may also see it on the Spring Creek Ministries website.

Landmark events for us in January include celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary, Jacob preaching at 6th & Jackson Church of Christ, and the banner moment, our son, Ross was able to finalize the adoption for eight year old, Terri Jane Hamil!!!!  Lonnie, his mother, Jeannette Hamil, and I were able to attend the hearing with Ross, Haley, and Haley’s parents and grandmother, and of course, baby Jonathan.  It was much more emotional for me than I expected.  When the judge presented Terri a large stuffed bear for the occasion, the water-works started full force! It was an amazing moment and we cannot express how excited and grateful we are.


To each and everyone who supports Spring Creek Ministries, we are thankful beyond words for helping us reach those in need of friendship, comfort, and love as we believe God is the reason and guiding force of this work.


Blessings and Grace,

 Donna Hamil

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